SMITN & Chef Christa.


SMITN is the brainchild of Chef Christa Smit. It is an act of love. Every cake, pastry and dessert is imagined and created for a specific someone in mind.


Nothing in the SMITN kitchen is generic and each luxurious treat is made with all the love, butter and magic for which SMITN has become known.


SMITN is also dedicated to Chef Christa's mother who would bake the most majestic birthday cakes only limited by her 3 children's imaginations. 


"Some of my favourite childhood memories would be sitting in front of a closed kitchen door the night before my birthday - we were banned from the kitchen while my mom was working her magic. Listening to her symphony of sounds while baking, building and brewing, she knew half the fun was in the anticipation and once the finished cake was safely hidden, we'd be invited in to lick the spoons."


"I will never forget my 9th birthday cake. While going through a phase where I was obsessed with mice and I asked my mom for a "mouse house". As usual, she nailed it: a perfect little house down to the very last detail. Multi-coloured tiles on the roof, a green coconut lawn and even a family of three little fondant mice.

The mommy-mouse had an apron identical to my mother's."


Chef Christa graduated from Prue Leith Chef's Academy and City & Guild as a pastry chef (with distinction). Every day she focusses all her time on creating the perfect cakes and pastries, she has a husband, a cat and a dog. She loves flowers and dressing in bright colours. She is magic.

By Chef Christa Smit

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